How to Switch To Another Ringtone in iPhone

Selecting a cool ringtone for phone calls is a trend these days. There are various phones which have their signature ringtone, but the mobile phone holders are now bored of those tunes. Some of the users who are new to iPhone are looking for guidance on changing or settings a new ringtone on their iOS device. There are a variety of suggestions for ringtone in the iPhone but every tone does not sound very interesting and the users tend to select their favorite songs as a ringtone. If you want to switch from the boring ringtone and turn every phone call interesting by listening to your favorite song, then follow the methods to change and set the tone in your iPhone.

Here is how to switch to another ringtone in iPhone

Setting a New Ringtone

The Apple iPhones are attractive, but a cool tone can make your experience more personalized. So why do use its signature and overused tone for incoming phone calls?

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to Sounds and tap to open the section.
  3. Now, navigate to Ringtone and tap on it.
  4. There you will see different suggestions of songs and ringtones.
  5. Select the coolest one from the suggestions and tap to make it as your ringtone.

Transferring Ringtones from iTunes to iPhone

The iTunes can be used to set a customized ringtone on iPhone. Refer the iTunes to listen to your favorite ringtone whenever you receive a call.

  1. Open the Settings app of your iOS device.
  2. Now scroll down to Sound section and to open it.
  3. Navigate to Sound and Vibration Patterns.
  4. Tap on the Ringtone option and proceed to select Tone Shore.
  5. Connect the device with a computer system.
  6. Open iTunes and click the iPhone icon from the top left.
  7. Click On My Device and select Tones to buy and download the ringtones.
  8. Select a ringtone and drag it into the iTunes.
  9. Click the Sync button.
  10. When you have downloaded the ringtones, open Settings of your iOS device.
  11. Tap to open Sound section and select the ringtone from the suggestions.

Using the iPhone becomes more interesting with a new and cool ringtone which you can hear every time while receiving a call. No matter what tone you have right now, but there are various methods to change and set a new ringtone by purchasing a song from iTunes or create a ringtone. But changing a ringtone is not a tough task in iPhones.

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