How to Easily Return to the Mac Desktop

A number of Mac users are animalistic. They download files directly to the desktop and fail to remove them once the files stop being useful. If you desktop is cluttered and littered with open apps, programs, documents, and what not, then read on. In this blog we will discuss the ways to actually get to the desktop.

Pinch inwards to see the desktop

You can use Trackpad Gestures. It usually comes turned on by default. In order to return to the desktop, just position the thumb and finger on the Mac’s trackpad, and distance them. Pinch out using the finger and thumb, and all the open windows will shift to the edges, and your desktop will be revealed.

When you drag any file, all the windows can be restored when you are dragging the file.

Hot Corners

If you do not wish to use the pinch gesture, then you can use Hot Corners. To go to Hot Corners, open System Preferences. Go to Screen Saver and click on Desktop and Screen Saver. Now, you will be able to see Hot Corners. To activate it, you have to shift the cursor to the screen’s edge. With Hot Corners you can start or stop the screensaver, reveal Dashboard and Show Desktop.         The best think about using Hot Corners is that accuracy and precision is not a big deal. Simply shift the cursor to any corner and it will activate.

Hide Others

Press the Command + Option + H keys to hide all the other windows. This keyboard shortcut works in a majority of application, allowing the users to instantly make all the other programs disappear. IF you want to quickly de-clutter your messy desktop, then use this keyboard shortcut.

You can also get to the Desktop using the Finder. Basically, Desktop is simply a folder, so you can use Finder to access it whenever you want.

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